About MammaPrint

Which breast cancer treatment plan is right for you?

When you are first diagnosed with breast cancer, your doctor needs to establish if you are at risk for metastasis and your tumor recurring. Based on your individual risk of recurrence, whether or not your cancer has the potential to spread, your doctor will determine the best therapy for you. If you are at low risk for recurrence, hormone therapy alone may be recommended. Conversely, if you are at high risk, your doctor may recommend more aggressive treatment that may include chemotherapy. This distinction is central in determining the best possible treatment plan specifically for you.


Now you and your physician have an FDA-cleared test that can help make this vital determination.  MammaPrint provides a “Low Risk” or “High Risk” result for every patient tested. With MammaPrint there is no ambiguity about your individual risk, thereby helping you and your doctor determine your need for therapy.


Ask your doctor how MammaPrint can help you develop a treatment plan tailored precisely to you.