Patient Eligibility

MammaPrint – Patient Eligibility

Breast cancer recurrence and/or metastasis is partly dependent on the activation and suppression of certain genes located within the primary breast tumor.  MammaPrint is a genomics test which uses the latest microarray technology to analyze a patient’s breast tumor biology to predict whether existing cancer has the wherewithal to metastasize. This 70-gene profile is validated as an independent indicator for breast cancer prognosis for women with invasive carcinoma tumors 5 cm or less, oestrogen receptor positive and oestrogen receptor negative disease up to 3 lymph nodes positive.

To be eligible for the MammaPrint gene expression profile, a breast cancer patient should fulfill the following criteria:

MammaPrint is unfortunately not suited to all patients, take the below quick test to see if you do qualify.

• New diagnosis of breast cancer
• Which is between 5mm and 5cm in size
• With a hormone (oestrogen) receptor positive tumour
• Which has spread to less than 4 lymph nodes
• And would be eligible to receive chemotherapy treatment.


MammaPrint provides powerful insights into a patient’s breast cancer risk of recurrence and need for adjuvant therapy.  When making breast cancer treatment decisions for your patients, regarding hormone therapy (e.g. Tamoxifen) alone or in conjunction with chemotherapy, it is important to consider a woman’s clinical and pathology related risk factors to determine the best treatment plan and potential response to systemic adjuvant therapy.