The right treatment

You have breast cancer

This diagnosis comes as a big shock. Luckily it has been discovered at an early stage. Along with your physicians and nearest and dearest you will be able to choose which treatment plan is right for you.

How aggressive is your tumour?

This is the most vital question at this stage. The more accurate the answer to this question is, the more precisely your physician will be able to choose the most suitable therapy for you. A therapy which will get rid of the cancer once and for all, so that it will not recur. Once your tumour has been removed, the uncertainty still remains.

Will the cancer recur?

MammaPrint will enable your physician to determine more accurately what the chances are of the disease recurring. The MammaPrint test is very different to other diagnostic tests which are carried out at a hospital.

MammaPrint, tailor made diagnosis

MammaPrint gives a clear indication of the risks inherent in your breast cancer. This will enable you and your physician to make a more informed decision regarding the best type of therapy for your individual type of breast cancer. Does your type of breast cancer have a low risk of metastasis? In this case you could discuss with your physician whether supplementary chemotherapy treatment could be dropped. If the MammaPrint result is ‘high risk’, it is highly likely that chemotherapy treatment will be necessary. This treatment will be able to increase your chances of survival. MammaPrint provides the information you need, within ten working days. Because everyone is unique.

You are not alone

Nearly 15.000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Australia. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and around 200 women die from breast cancer every month in Australia. Around 1 in 10 women in Australia will develop breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.

Chemotherapy is invasive

Chemotherapy reduces the risk of cancer recurring. This is why to be on the safe side, chemotherapy is often prescribed. However, half of all patients with breast cancer receive chemotherapy which they do not really need, but whereby they do experience the side effects. A large number of women who have breast cancer at an early stage do not experience metastases. One or maximum two women out of five experience a recurrence of the cancer. Only these women in actual fact really need supplementary chemotherapy. MammaPrint assesses for each individual tumour whether there is a high or low risk of future metastasis. This is done by screening 70 genes which play a role in the formation of metastases. This will enable you and your physician to decide whether chemotherapy is really necessary.